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The Importance of Extracting Wisdom Teeth Early

Why Is It Important to Extract Your Wisdom Teeth Early?

Around 90 percent of people have to remove wisdom teeth once they erupt. Many unpleasant complications can occur when wisdom teeth appear between 17 and 25 years old. These teeth erupt at a time in one’s life when they reach maturity and usually bring health-related issues. Therefore, all professionals recommended to remove wisdom teeth early before you face serious oral and general health issues.

Many visit our experienced dentists at Wilson East Dental, Dentistry in Ancaster to have their wisdom teeth extracted since our professionals offer the best dental care services. However, it’s possible to see some individuals without wisdom teeth, but most people should remove them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many still don’t understand the importance of wisdom tooth removal and ignore it until it becomes too late. Not removing your wisdom teeth can ruin your beautiful smile and put your oral health in serious danger. Therefore, we have listed the most common dental problems caused by wisdom teeth to help you understand the importance of this subject.

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Reducing the Risk of Cavities: Wisdom teeth are prone to decay because they are hard to access when you want to clean them. Tooth decay is the most expected dental emergency, usually seen in patients with wisdom teeth. That’s why it’s better to remove them before they get decayed and make your other healthy teeth infected.

Gum Protection: Periodontal disease can cause severe dental problems if left untreated. Wisdom teeth tend to bread bacteria, and the risk of gum disease is too high if you don’t remove those teeth. Otherwise, wisdom teeth can cause widespread infection, and you may lose other healthy teeth, which cost you expensive treatments like tooth implants or bridges.

Easier Removal: The process of removing wisdom teeth isn’t as easy as normal tooth extractions. Normal tooth removals don’t require oral surgery, while your dentist may extract your wisdom teeth surgically. Hence, it’s better to remove your wisdom teeth early before their roots get harder and denser.

Prevent Overcrowding: Not extracting your wisdom teeth can make your other teeth crooked and misaligned. It would be a nightmare, especially for those who have gotten orthodontic treatment before. Most people don’t have enough room in their mouths for wisdom teeth, and as a result, when wisdom teeth erupt, the other teeth begin to shift. Overcrowding is one of the most serious complications of not removing your wisdom teeth that may force you to get Invisalign or braces again.

Sinus Infection: Many patients with sinus issues usually have impacted wisdom teeth. It’s a severe health issue caused by not having your wisdom teeth extracted at the right time. Removing these teeth early in adulthood can prevent such conditions and preserve your health.

Quicker Recovery: Your wisdom tooth root is softer at young ages, and the extraction process is much easier. Your dentist can tell you the right time to extract your wisdom teeth during regular checkups and cleanings. If you remove your wisdom teeth early, your recovery time will be easier and faster.

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