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Who Can’t Be a Good Candidate to Get Dental Implants?


It’s not scary to lose your baby teeth, but it can be a nightmare if you have lost one or more permanent teeth. Losing permanent teeth can result from an accident, severe gum disease, or tooth decay, which must be addressed quickly before complications arise. Wilson East Dental Care in Hamilton offers quality dental implants to replace your missing teeth most professionally. Dental implants are the most beneficial and best option to replace missing permanent teeth as they have a very similar function and look like your natural teeth.

An implant replaces the entire root and structure of a missing tooth, and the artificial titanium root will be implanted in your jawbone, making dental implants significantly durable, strong and steady. Although dental implants have countless benefits and are considered superior tooth replacement options, not everyone is qualified to get them. Having dental implants requires specific qualifications and conditions you need; otherwise, the implant procedure will fail. According to what all implant dentists explain, four groups of people usually aren’t capable enough to get dental implants. Continue to read this article and learn about the four groups of people who don’t qualify for dental implants.

Smoker patients: most implant dentists don’t consider smokers as qualified candidates for getting dental implants. If you are used to smoking, you need to know it can lead to dental emergencies and weaken your immune system, so your body won’t be able to handle the recovery process after getting dental implants. The chemicals of cigarettes can disturb the circulatory system, and your body can’t deliver an adequate amount of blood to your jawbone. Unfortunately, most smokers will experience failed dental implant treatment, but they can still be candidates for other treatments like dentures or dental bridges.

Old patients: as you age, the chance of losing your teeth increases. It’s expected that some older people have lost some or all of their permanent teeth, making them ideal candidates for dental implants. However, not all elderly patients can get dental implants, and their oral health and medical history need to be carefully checked by a cosmetic dentist or an oral surgeon before. Most old patients are required to take specific medications or they suffer from diseases like diabetes, making them unqualified candidates for dental implants. Furthermore, elderly patients should avoid dental implants due to the risks associated with implant surgery.

Young patients: the jaw development will usually continue until age 17 or 18, which is why most dentists don’t recommend dental implants for children and teens. It’s highly recommended to teach your children a proper oral hygiene routine and schedule regular oral checkups for them to prevent such problems as tooth loss.

Patients with poor oral hygiene: your dental health is the first thing your implant dentist will examine. You need to have a perfect oral hygiene routine and know how to take care of your teeth to be a qualified candidate for dental implants.

Make an appointment with your implant dentist and discuss your condition to see whether you can be a good implant candidate!

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