Various Types of Dental Veneers and Their Durability


As everyone knows, your smile is vital in making your face more attractive. Still, unfortunately, when you suffer from several dental imperfections, it will be almost impossible to have a dazzling smile. As an Ancaster resident, if you are one of those who cannot smile confidently due to dental defects, you can visit us at Wilson East Dental Care. Our dental specialists are more than experienced enough to treat all your dental defects and issues and restore your dream smile. Among various cosmetic dental treatments, dental veneers are one of the most popular methods that can treat your different dental defects at the same time. This successful method not only can restore your chipped, cracked, broken, and gapped teeth but also can brighten up your entire smile because they will come in different colors. Since dental veneers are made of several materials, their unique features will be completely different from each other. Please keep reading this article to understand which type has the power to create more natural-looking results that last longer.

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How Do Dental Veneers Solve Your Dental Issues?

Professional dental specialists’ first recommendation to restore chipped, fractured, and discolored teeth are to replace them with dental veneers. In addition, this practical method has the power to create amazing results for those who suffer from minor orthodontic issues or those whose tooth discoloration has not been removed with teeth whitening. Removing large parts of teeth’s enamels was necessary for installing traditional types of dental veneers. Whereas the modern types are created delicately to be very thin, like contact lenses; therefore, just a minimal amount of your teeth’s enamels will be removed, and even in most cases, it doesn’t need to remove them. Restoring your damaged and misshaped teeth with dental veneers can provide plenty of valuable results, some of which are as follows:

Providing Functionality as Like as Your Natural Teeth: In contrast with all other restorative methods like dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants that replace missing teeth, dental veneers are responsible for improving the natural appearance and functionality of your existing teeth. So their physical shape and functionality will be appropriately preserved.

Achieving Immediate Results: Cosmetic dental treatments have several options that require a long time to provide desirable results. If you can’t wait to see your improved smile, dental veneers are the most appropriate option because just two visits are necessary for perfect installation.

Comparing Different Types of Dental Veneers

Generally, common types of dental veneers are made of porcelain and composite resin. The following items are the most important differences among them:

Porcelain Dental Veneers: If you prefer to get the more durable types of dental veneers that can effectively resist dental stains and discoloration, ask your dentists to create your dental veneers with a special material called porcelain. In addition, this highly-requested type has the potential to create a more natural physical appearance compared with other types. Although several factors, like how you care for your dental veneers, can affect the life span of your veneers, porcelain types will last more than 15 years.

Composite-resin Dental Veneers: This is the most cost-effective option to cover dental chips and cracks. But it should be noted they are not as durable as porcelain types, and they should be replaced from time to time.

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