Top Reasons to Avoid Tooth Extraction

When people are recommended to undergo tooth extraction to get rid of their traumatic dental pain, they feel stressed and anxious because they think teeth removals will cause high pain and discomfort. While at Wilson East Dental Care, a group of highly-skilled dentists will take pride in painlessly performing this common dental solution whenever you need it. But the essential point that should be considered is that if you pay great attention to your toothaches and make your dental appointments before the condition worsens, your professionally-trained dentists will perform other useful methods like dental filling or root canal therapy to fix your problem and prevent dental extraction. This is because adult teeth will never replace with other sets of healthy teeth, so all dentists should try their best to use tooth extraction as low as possible; however, one of the beneficial branches of dentistry called cosmetic dentistry is adequately enriched with numerous restorative items to fill the spaces caused by lost teeth. In the following parts, we will explain all the essential reasons that convince your knowledgeable dentists to consider tooth extraction as the last method to deal with a dental infection or decay.

Teeth Whitening

Top Reasons to Save Adult Teeth
If possible, tooth extraction should be prevented; however, dental implants, bridges or dentures will effectively play the role of tooth loss. But as no one can deny, the quality of your life is very high when you have a set of healthy and natural teeth because they are easy to care and there’s no need to spend time and money to replace them from time to time.
Therefore, as all dedicated dental specialists recommend, people should make a habit of having the best oral hygiene and see their sophisticated dentists promptly to undergo regular dental check-ups if they want to keep their natural teeth away from severe conditions. Those who don’t skip routine dental visits will have good chances to preserve their adult teeth from removal procedures.

Top Options to Save Severely Damaged Teeth
An effective solution to eliminate the need for dental extraction is root canal treatment. In severe cases, that infection reaches the pulp of your teeth and leads to extreme pain and irritation; you don’t have any other solution than stepping into the experienced emergency dentist’s office. Since they are responsible for considering tooth extraction as the last solution, they will start to remove the infected parts by performing root canal therapy. After that, the treated teeth should be protected with cosmetic crowns.

A dental filling is another restorative method that is highly recommended for patients who suffer from mild dental decays. The decayed sites are properly filled with specific materials during this effective method. In cases where a decayed tooth is located in the visible area, your skilled healthcare providers will use tooth-colored filling substances to perform dental filling because they tend to preserve the aesthetic aspects of your teeth and smiles and solve the problems.

The Best Time to Remove Damaged Teeth
As mentioned previously, saving natural teeth is the dentists’ priority. Still, in most severe cases, that infection spreads to the surrounding parts quickly, and your teeth are not strong enough to perform root canal therapy; tooth extraction is the only appropriate solution to preserve the patients’ overall health.

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