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A severe dental emergency generally refers to any painful situation requiring quick attention. These life-threatening conditions may accompany various symptoms, including unbearable dental pain, swelling, bleeding, difficulty chewing or swallowing food, and loose or broken teeth. The longer you wait to reach dental emergency rooms, the less opportunity you have to save your natural teeth and stay away from further risks.

At Wilson East Dental, we proudly work with an extensively-trained emergency team equipped with cutting-edge dentistry tools with the latest technology to relieve your pain as soon as you enter the clinic. Please keep reading this useful blog if you are interested in learning more about the beneficial ways your emergency dentists in Hamilton do effectively cope with your conditions.

Full Oral Examinations

Prior to any procedures that can be done during your urgent dental visit, your dentists should immediately check the condition of your teeth and mouth to determine what your problem is and how severely it affects your oral health. They may also take an x-ray to achieve more detailed information about your condition. In most cases, the patients know the main source of their toothaches, especially when they experience a dental emergency during a car accident or in high-contact sports like boxing or wrestling. In such cases, they can significantly help their emergency dentists choose the best possible treatment to solve their issues and promptly eliminate the risk of further complications.

Relieving Your Pain

As we all know, experiencing sharp and persistent pain is the most common reason for making an urgent dental appointment as fast as possible. As soon as your dental check-up is done, your emergency dental practitioners will take all required steps to diagnose and solve the underlying reason for your pain. They will prescribe over-the-counter medication to immediately reduce your pain or even recommend anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with other symptoms like swelling. At Wilsoneast Dental clinic, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to serving as your trusted dentist in Ancaster, providing comprehensive dental care with a focus on your comfort and well-being.

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Treating the Issue

Your treatment may be done during a single session, while those patients who suffer from more complicated problems should make additional appointments more complicated cases should make additional appointments to ensure their conditions are effectively dealt with. For example, a follow-up dental appointment is required for those who need dental veneers, dental crowns, or teeth bonding to protect their severely fractured teeth. Besides, those who have undergone root canal therapy to restore their severely infected teeth should schedule a time to see their dentists to ensure all canals related to the affected teeth are properly clean and free from infection.

Although all knowledgeable & experienced dentists aim to save the patient’s permanent teeth, sometimes, tooth extraction is the only way to preserve their oral health. But there’s no reason to worry because they will refer you to cosmetic dentists who are experts at filling your dental gaps using beneficial restorative methods like dentures, teeth implants, or dental bridges.

Bear in mind, any time you notice the clear signs of dental emergencies, call a well-reputed emergency dental clinic and tell them about all your symptoms because they will teach you some excellent and effective tips to temporarily deal with the condition until visiting the nearest urgent care providers.

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Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

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