Tooth Extraction: Why It Should Be Avoided?

Toothache can be the most annoying and traumatic pain you can ever experience. Nobody wants to suffer from tooth pain which is why everyone tries to maintain standard oral hygiene and pay attention to their oral health. Experiencing continuous tooth pain for days can disturb your everyday routines and make you mentally and physically tired. In such cases, all you want is to find a helpful way to get rid of the pain and discomfort. Many prefer to pull the problematic tooth out without thinking about its consequences! Our professional dentists at Wilson East Dental Care can help patients find the best way to relieve the pain, preventing them from making impulsive decisions. Although extracting your damaged natural tooth can make your pain disappear, it brings you horrible complications. Replacing your tooth after tooth removal is necessary, and you should choose tooth replacement treatments that are mainly too expensive. Therefore, you have to take time to understand the ramifications of tooth removal and why you have to keep your natural tooth. Continue to read and learn why dentists don’t recommend extracting your damaged tooth.

Why Should You Save the Natural Tooth?

When possible, you should save your natural tooth and avoid tooth extraction. Although tooth replacement options, including tooth implants or dentures, are significantly functional, they can’t match your natural teeth in terms of strength and durability. Moreover, your natural teeth are easier to care for, and all you need to do is to maintain adequate oral hygiene and have regular oral checkups with your dentist. If you find your tooth damaged, visit your dentist right away so that you have a better chance of saving it. Extracting your natural tooth is the last option your dentist chooses, and they try other dental procedures to save your natural tooth. Fortunately, there are many different dental treatments for a variety of needs to rehabilitate a tooth gone bad:

  • If your tooth is infected and the pulp is damaged, root canal therapy is what your dentist recommends. You can cover the tooth with a cosmetic crown after the treatment.
  • An experienced cosmetic dentist can lengthen an existing crown if needed.
  • Your dentist can fill dental cavities, the most common dental problem, to restore the damaged tooth. You can choose tooth-colored fillings if you want to keep your smile beautiful.

When Is It Better to Extract the Damaged Tooth?

Although you should put saving your tooth as the main priority, sometimes you have no other choice but to extract it. Your dentist may recommend tooth extraction in such conditions:

  1. Impacted wisdom tooth – In most cases, wisdom tooth removal is necessary to prevent damage to your other teeth.
  2. Tooth misalignment – you may be required to extract a few of your natural teeth before getting orthodontic treatments like Invisalign or traditional braces.
  3. Dental trauma – trauma to teeth can result in serious dental emergencies you should handle immediately. If your tooth is too damaged to save, you have no choice but to remove it.

Contact your dentist today and discuss your situation to make the best decision!

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