Most Common Signs You Need a Root Canal

Signs Which Indicate the Need to Get a Root Canal

Each year, a large number of people visit the dentist because of pain and discomfort, the most common reason. Dentists offer a variety of dental care services and can protect your smile at all costs if you trust their recommendations. Many dental visits can be attributed to tooth decay as it’s the most common dental problem almost everyone experience at least once. But sometimes, more serious denial issues may occur that need immediate and professional dental treatment and care services.

Here at Wilson East Dental, our dentists in Hamilton have years of experience dealing with different problems, so they know how to help you even if you are dealing with the worst condition possible. In serious cases of dental problems, more complicated and specialized procedures are needed to restore your smile. A root canal is one of these treatments used by emergency dentists and endodontists if a patient experiences a severe toothache, bleeding, and swelling. Furthermore, root canal therapy can be an amazing alternative to tooth extraction because it can save your severely infected and damaged tooth. Here are common signs indicating the need for root canal treatment.

4 Signs that Could Mean You Need a Root Canal

  • Tooth Discoloration: There are many reasons behind a set of discolored teeth, and pulp infection can be one of them. You have to visit your dentist and discover the main cause of tooth discoloration to choose the most suitable treatment. In most cases, poor oral hygiene has made your teeth discolored, and professional teeth whitening is the best option to whiten your smile. It is also possible for a pulp infection to make your teeth appear grayish-black, which requires a root canal to be treated.
  • Swollen gums: If you feel pain in your mouth and your gums are swollen, it’s time to visit your emergency dentist as soon as you can. Swollen gums near the painful and damaged tooth usually indicate a serious issue with your dental health that should be addressed immediately. If you leave swollen gums untreated, they can cause tooth abscesses and other serious dental emergencies that should be treated by root canal therapy. So, the sooner you visit your dentist, the greater chance you have to preserve your oral health. Otherwise, you may have no other choice but , which is absolutely not an ideal option. 
  • Persistent toothache: If you suffer from persistent tooth pain, you need to be examined by a dentist instantly. Having a continuous toothache is one of the common signs showing the necessity of root canal therapy. However, toothache can be caused by other oral health issues such as periodontal disease, impacted wisdom teeth, or cavities. It’s vital to visit your dentist and discover the reason for your discomfort.
  • A cracked tooth: If your tooth is fractured or chipped due to physical trauma, etc., you have to repair it as soon as possible. There are many options as cosmetic veneers or porcelain dental crowns, that all cosmetic dentists in Ancaster provide in order to restore a chipped tooth. Otherwise, the injury can damage the nerves of your tooth and make it infected. An infected and inflamed nerve should be removed during root canal treatment.

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