Reasons You Need to Get a Dental Crown

These days, many people have learned how cosmetic dentistry can affect their life by improving their smiles. If you want to act confidently and smile without feeling ashamed, you may need to visit a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists have been perfectly trained and educated to fix visual dental problems and give patients dreamy smiles just like they’ve always wanted. Our professional cosmetic dentists at Wilson East Dental Care are always ready to provide you with the best dental care services and improve your smile in the best way possible.

There are many different cosmetic dental treatments you can choose based on your condition, demands and preferences. Dental crowns are a familiar term for most people as it’s one of the most common and effective cosmetic dental procedures. If your tooth has an exposed portion, your dentist may use a dental crown to protect it. Many patients want to know when getting a cosmetic crown can be beneficial. A general answer to this question is that you can be a good candidate for a cosmetic crown when the enamel no longer performs its function. Here we list the top common reasons a tooth may need to be covered by a dental crown.

Large fillings – if your tooth is decayed, you really need to consider dental fillings. It’s one of the most common restorative treatments that can replace tooth structures lost from decay. Large fillings can be risky, making your tooth less strong and more vulnerable. So, your cosmetic dentist may recommend you cover your tooth with a dental crown when the tooth filling is large and make up more than half of the exposed tooth.

Loss of enamel – if you are used to grinding your teeth while you sleep, you should be ready for its unpleasant consequences. Loss of enamel can be caused due to a variety of reasons, like tooth grinding at the top of the list. If you ignore it, the enamel slowly wears away, and your tooth becomes so weak and vulnerable. In this case, you might want to ask your cosmetic dentist for a dental crown to protect your tooth and prevent enamel loss.

Root canal therapy – a tooth that undergoes root canal therapy usually needs to be covered by a dental crown. Root canal treatment may be your last option to save your severely decayed tooth. After the treatment, your tooth becomes brittle and easy to break because the nerves and blood are removed. A dental crown can provide the necessary protection and coverage to prevent your tooth from breaking after the treatment.

Large cavities – one of the most common dental problems is tooth decay, which causes dental cavities. Your emergency dentist can detect its early signs if you visit them for regular oral checkups and cleanings. These cavities should be treated as soon as possible, and you have many treatment options if you see your dentist soon. Your dentist can explain whether fillings or dental crowns can be the right choice to treat the cavities.

A dental crown can rebuild and preserve your smile, so don’t waste time and make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist!

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