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Don’t Believe These Common Oral Health Myths!

Unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions that many believe about oral health and dentistry services. Your smile is so important because it represents you. That’s why people with healthy smiles usually seem more attractive and confident when they talk or laugh. Therefore, believing common dental misconceptions and myths can cause you a lot of problems and damage your oral health.

Many people visit our professional dentists at Wilson East Dental Centre in Hamilton with the wrong information about dental treatments and services. Fortunately, our dentists are educated and eligible enough to inform their patients and give them the necessary explanations. Not having enough valid information about dental care services can prevent you from receiving beneficial dental treatments or engaging in oral health practices. Furthermore, many people who believe in those common dental myths try damaging home remedies to fix the problem and don’t visit their dentists at the right time. Your dental health is so important, which is why we list some common myths about dental services to help you take better care of your smile!

Myth: Your general health isn’t affected by your oral health.

You must understand how your general health is connected to your oral health. For example, an infected tooth should be immediately treated with root canal therapy if needed before the infection spreads into the bloodstream.

Myth: You can brush your teeth whenever you want.

Preventing dental emergencies and other issues requires brushing your teeth twice a day. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the best time to brush your teeth. Dentists highly recommend brushing and flossing your teeth before bed and when you wake up.

Myth: Dental restorations can protect your tooth against possible problems.

You may be a candidate for dental restorations like cosmetic crowns or fillings to make your smile more attractive. It’s vital to understand restorative treatments can’t fully protect your tooth from future decay or infection. No matter if you have tooth fillings, crowns, etc., you have to brush and floss all of your teeth carefully to prevent tooth decay, cavities and infection.

Myth: Tooth loss is a result of bad genetics.

Unlike what most believe, tooth loss is largely preventable, and genetics isn’t that much important. If you maintain good oral hygiene and plan for regular oral checkups, you can enjoy your pearly teeth for a lifetime. Otherwise, you have to choose a tooth replacement option like dental implant treatment or partial dentures to restore your smile.

Myth: Teeth whitening treatment is damaging.

Whitening your teeth professionally is an extremely popular cosmetic dental procedure. Discolored or stained teeth can lower your self-confidence, which is why many people visit cosmetic dentists to whiten their teeth. You can be sure professional teeth whitening that’s performed under the supervision of your cosmetic dentist is safe and effective.

Myth: Invisalign isn’t as effective as traditional braces.

These days, Invisalign treatment is so developed thanks to dentistry advancements. So, you can get shiny results with Invisalign, just like traditional braces.

Our dentists in Ancaster can help you optimize your oral health in the best way possible!

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