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Discreetly Work On Your Smile This Summer With Invisalign

Have you always wanted to achieve a picture-perfect smile but are worried about how traditional metal braces might impact your appearance? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone! More and more of our patients of all ages are choosing to undergo orthodontic treatment with Invisalignfor multiple reasons! If you’re considering taking control of your oral health this summer, our team atWilson East Dental Carewants to help! We’ve outlined a few of the main benefits of Invisalign for you to review as you’re considering starting your smile journey.

Invisalign Aligners Are Nearly Invisible!

For most patients, Invisalign is an attractive treatment option due to its discreet appearance. The clear and customized aligners glide over your teeth and gums letting your natural smile shine through. Your friends and family might not even know that you’re undergoing treatment, let alone your colleagues in your next Zoom meeting!

No Lifestyle Changes Are Required!

While it’s important to keep your Invisalign trays in your mouth for at least 22 hours a day, they are removable! This means that you can eat all your favourite foods and participate in sports without worry! Just make sure to always brush and clean your aligners before putting them back in.

Invisalign Treatment Is Easy And Comfortable

After your consultation, Dr. Ghane will provide you with your own customized series of Invisalign aligners. The trays are fabricated specifically for your smile, made out of a proprietary medical-grade plastic material, providing you with maximum comfort. All you have to do is switch out your Invisalign aligners every two weeks for the next one in the series. This means no uncomfortable wire tightenings and less visits to our office!

Receive Invisalign In Ancaster

Dr. Ghane and our dedicated staff are here for you! With our up-to-date health and safety protocols, our clinic has gone above and beyond to create a safe environment! On top of Invisalign, we offer dental check-ups, tooth whitening, dentures, and much more! Give us a call at 289-204-1711 or fill out our online appointment request to book a consultation today!

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We accept
Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

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