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Can an Emergency Dentist Save Your Damaged Tooth?

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One of the most unexpected incidents you can experience is dental emergencies, making you feel helpless. If you care about your oral well-being and always try to keep your smile brilliant, a dental emergency is the last thing you want to encounter. As a result of these severe conditions, you may struggle with unpleasant consequences like tooth infection, dental abscess, cracked teeth, tooth loss, etc.

So not only your oral health will be affected negatively, but also your smile won’t be as beautiful as you want. Many people visit our professional emergency dentists at Wilson East Dental Care in Hamilton after a dental emergency to save the damaged tooth as much as possible and prevent further injuries. Still, many people aren’t adequately aware of how an experienced emergency dentist can help you to keep your smile shiny and healthy. The treatments your emergency dentist pay to perform are determined according to the seriousness of the structural damage.

Each patient has a unique which should be examined by the emergency dentist to see whether urgent treatment is needed. There are many different dental procedures offered by emergency dentists to repair a damaged tooth. Continue to read and learn some of these helpful treatments and understand how emergency dental services can help you.

Dental Crowns: One of the most prevalent dental emergencies many experiences is a cracked tooth. You may find your tooth enamel chipped or cracked due to reasons like biting hard objects, dental trauma, tooth grinding, etc. Although urgent treatment isn’t needed in such cases, you should repair the damaged tooth as soon as possible to prevent other problems. Crowns are significantly popular as they provide excellent protection for damaged teeth and prevent them from breaking apart further. The design of cosmetic crowns is similar to natural teeth, so it will blend with the rest of your teeth when you smile. Even though a crown is considered a cosmetic dental procedure, your emergency dentist can perform the procedure as well. Furthermore, the appearance of your beautiful smile will be restored, and you won’t need other cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening treatment for years if you take care of your crowns correctly.

Root Canal Treatment: In case of more severe damage to your teeth, you may need root canal therapy to save the tooth. Unfortunately, many people ignore their damaged teeth, which can lead to more serious problems like developed tooth decay and dental infection. When your tooth pulp is damaged, you have no choice but to have a root canal treatment. Your emergency dentist will remove all the infected parts of your tooth during root canal treatment to protect your oral wellness and prevent infection from spreading. So, it’s better to take early signs of tooth decay seriously and save your damaged tooth with dental fillings rather than root canal treatment.

Tooth Extraction: At times, removing the damaged tooth is the only option your emergency dentist has. After having an emergency dental extraction, you can replace the removed tooth with options like tooth implants or dental bridges.

If you are dealing with an injured tooth, don’t waste time and visit your reliable emergency dentist in Hamilton immediately!

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